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PC modders have a history of fixing and improving ports of Japanese games, and the latest case is one of the coolest, most exciting applications of technology to old games I've ever seen. We recently wrote about how some people are using neural networks to upscale the backgrounds of Final Fantasy 7and in just a few weeks these projects have made enormous gains in quality and complexity, and for more than just Final Fantasy 7.

Anyone can use these tools, and as a result we're at the start of what feels like a renaissance for PlayStation-era 2D art. A little background: When 3D was in its infancy, PlayStation game developers compensated for the hardware's shortcomings by pairing 3D character models with pre-rendered 2D backgrounds. Many of them, from series like Final Fantasy, are still stunning today: Detailed, stylized, beautiful works of art you could walk through as you went on an adventure.

But the art files on those discs were naturally low resolution, and sloppy archival meant that when Square Enix finally ported games like Final Fantasy 8 and 9 to PC in "HD" form, it didn't have the original art files to use for modern high-res displays. Square simply upscaled the low-res files from the original games to p and called it a day.

The results weren't great. The backgrounds can be blurry or oversharpened—just like if you opened a jpeg in Photoshop and tried to blow it up to four times the original size. OK, that name is a mouthful, and I'm not about to pretend I fully understand how it works. But there's a whole field of study around the concept of perceptual super resolutionand competing AI implementations for how to upscale images with the best results.

Game fans have latched onto this technology and are dialing in how to best use it for low-resolution background images. This forum thread compiles even more examples of the AI applied to different game backgrounds and textures. The most exciting project to me right now is for Final Fantasy 9, one of my favorite games and one with phenomenal art that doesn't look too hot upscaled to p.

Modder Ze PilOt is using this technique to upscale FF9's backgrounds and other textures, which is much more involved than upscaling a jpeg:. Inside the engine, a background looks like this.

As he tweeted in December, "every frame of the animation is on a different layer. Lighting is mixed with the background. I need to separate all these frames into single images. But he's made huge progress already, and is rapidly iterating on a mod implementing these new backgrounds and making other touches, like throwing in the old PS1 font to replace the PC version's bland new one. You can grab version 4 of the mod, Moguri Memoriahere, and follow its development in this forum thread.

These upscales will, of course, never be as good as having the original art assets in high resolution.

esrgan windows

They'll be blurrier in places and lose detail in others. Purists can argue they distort the original artistic intent, and a poor implementation definitely can. But from what I've seen, these AI-driven upscales are vastly better than the pixelated versions we've seen in some official releases, and could be the best way to modernize games with pre-rendered backgrounds for modern displays.

For a long time, emulators have been able to greatly enhance 3D graphics but rendering them in higher resolutions—we're just beginning to see how technology can help us do the same with 2D graphics without destroying the style of the original artwork. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Final Fantasy 9 with AI-upscaled backgrounds and a light Reshade mod, via kennybones on Qhimm forums.ESRGAN is a Neural Network that gets a low resolution image and upscales it, trying to rebuild details lost by the downscaling, like fur, grass, eyes, curves, etc.

It doesn't simply blur everything like Bilinear or Trilinear filtering, nor does it leave everything pixelated like Point, but instead, it makes something truly. And it's quite fast, too, even on a low-end CPU like a Pentium.

It's pretty easy, actually, as long as you follow these steps. Don't include the ""s, stupid. If you do, you might kill your OS. No joke. Click all the okays and applies, system should freeze up for a few miliseconds while loading the new variables. Right click inside the Command Prompt, and left click on "Paste". It'll auto-execute the first command the first line you copiedwait a few moments. It'll be over before you know it.

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If so, make sure your Python version is bit, and that you chose the correct one in the PyTorch website. It will NOT work otherwise. Press Enter after it finishes the first command, to execute the next one.

Press Enter afterwards to run the command.

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After it's done, close the Command Prompt. Download these batch files, and put them in the same folder as "test. Open this Google Drive link to download the models you'll use. Put both models in the empty folder. It'll take about half a minute on a Pentium for both images, which is slower than both Bicubic and Trilinear, but the results are miles better. If it gives you an error, follow this tutorial again from scratch, and make sure you do everything correctly.

Experiment around with it, I'm sure you'll find something you like for every image you have. Basically, to give you a run-down: 0. It may be fitting for drawings or paintings. It also can look perfect on some images, for example, textures for leather things like backpacks. The artifacting in these cases ends up looking like leather, which is quite nice. For example, interpolation of 0. Seems like a lot, and it will take an hour or two of your day, but trust me, it's worth it.

Hopefully someone will take this knowledge and use it on Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Half-Life 2, Quake 1, and other old games that have low-res textures that are just detailed enough for the AI to understand what it is.

It also works wonders on background images of 2D games, or sprites.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. Manakaiser Cool newbie Posts: 95 Karma: 3. While I personally cant make much use of this; it is objectively speaking a great tool! Good work.

CreeperLava Newbie Posts: 2 Karma: 1. Just wanted to say thank you for the tool. I was hoping you implemented some kind of image splitting for when the picture doesn't fit into the available VRAM. Is that something you plan on implementing at some point? Hmm, looks like Mass Effect gets a new texture improvements. HybOj Fast newbie Posts: 6 Karma: 1. Hello, I downloaded this tool, installed the pre-requisities, installed the python and processed all the scripts succesfully.

Some logs? Thanks in advance!! Can you post a screenshot? Have you tried to run it as adminstrator I haven't tested it in windows 7 but it needs a 64bits os are you on windows 64 bits or 32 bits? Quote from: Kaldarasha on Version 1.

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BlackShadow Newbie Posts: 3 Karma: 0. For some reason i can't get the output file when i render with Cuda. I have RTX ti with ik. That is in fact the reason, rtx needs cuda 10 torch.

I dont have the prog anymore because I was not able to run it. But the screenshot would not made any benefit, it was a white tab 5x4cm with a text which stated: "Unexpected error" and that was it. Yes, I tryed running as admin. But no luck. Seems waifu don't do its job. Have you tried without waifu prefilter? Next version on its way : With this version you can use it as the current version with provided prefilters, but you'll can also set up your own prefilter commands.

It'll take me some time to do a proper setup but i'll share it asap. Yes i've tried literally every possible way but no luck. Looking forward to the next version. There are a few models for de-dithering and JPEG artifact removal that are x1 models.

esrgan windows

Do you know if you can code this support in? So far just been manually editing the.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Store Page. Global Achievements. Hello everyone! I recently purchased this video game to finally finish it after years. However, I was having trouble running it. Whenever I tried to launch it my monitor would constantly change resolutions, then the game would switch to "windowed" mode, and eventually, it'd crash.

I have a fairly old computer, and while I know it's quite underperforming, I was certain that the issue was not my graphics card, but rather a flaw in the video game itself. I decided to search through the game's files for a potential solution, and I managed to track down the root of the problem: It is within the "gl" folder. DLL libraries inside it are apparently faulty.

esrgan windows

I thought that by replacing the libraries from a video game which shares the same engine In my case, "Quake III Arena" I'd be able to fix it, and while it worked without launching it from "Steam", starting it from the latter produced the same crash. Ultimately, I decided to delete the folder's contents entirely, and the problem was solved. Hopefully, that did the trick. If you have further issues, please comment here or message me.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Unfortunately deleting the contents of that folder had no effect for me.

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Scalpatraz View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Scalpatraz :. It worked, thanks!Below I will document the official one. This should work for everyone, but there are a few different applications designed to make the life of the users easier as well as to prevent common pitfalls of using ESRGAN. But there are ways around both. At the time of writing this there are some popular tools used by a lot of us to solve this:. IEU is the recommended option out there right now, it has been used by many people and is considered mature, but if you encounter bugs or have feature requests, feel free to report them on Discord, or on GitHub repository by creating an issue.

The Download is under the IEU. Winforms Releases tab. Please take a bit of your time to read IEU wiki first. Cookies help us deliver our services. With them, we can associate your edits and added content with your information, allowing you to retain ownership of your contributions. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. From Upscale Wiki. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Privacy policy About Upscale Wiki Disclaimers.This guide is outdated. Download a dataset. Make absolutely sure that none of the images are greyscale or indexed, or have alpha channels. You will also need to convert your dataset into fixed tiles.

You will need to batch convert these HR tiles to 4x downscaled versions. It also helps make the results smoother overall. Make sure that both the LR and HR images have the same format and filename.

Applying ESRGAN to The Secret of Monkey Island: Models and Results.

Defaults to 5, iterations 5e3so feel free to lower it. Use the command line to navigate to the codes folder and run this command: python train. You could also create a. For those fortunate enough to not know, TV Tropes is a site that catalogues tropes, which are repeated conventions in media that serve as a narrative shorthand, such as plot points and character traits.

All cliches are tropes, but not all tropes are cliches. All of this was run through torch-rnn. It mostly vanishes when I up it to 0. Autoencoder-based programs like this work great with small datasets and are quick to train, but produce somewhat blurry results. Original dataset here. TumblThree is a program that can backup any Tumblr blog you want to your computer, including blogs in Safe Mode. If you have a favorite blog that will be a victim of the upcoming purge, at least you will have their old stuff.

For most people, the Python program tumblr-utils is superior, as it allows you to download entire blogs minus the theme.

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However, TumblThree does have the perk of downloading images from external hosting site. Then go to the command line and paste in this: pip install numpy opencv-python lmdb 2.

esrgan windows

Repeat this process for the validation images. Again, make sure to use double shashes. I'm stuck at step 2 really When i get to the pytorch site, i select stable, pip, python 3. So i'm not sure what's happening.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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ESRGAN Installation Guide for Windows

JerryDaMouse Offline. Guide Index. Step One. Step Two. Step Three. Step Four.

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Step Five. Step Six. Step Seven. Differences between this guide and ColaKong's guide. I'm aware there is already an existing guide on how to do this, but I found it to be inefficent and tedious in some areas.

This is going to be similar to that guide, but with my own steps replacing some of his.

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